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 Combat rules

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PostSubject: Combat rules   Combat rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 4:13 am

1. Obey 'Liquid' time

2. Stay within your limitations

3. Obey Your Jutsu Limits

4. You have a 48 hour post time

5. No metagaming or godmoding

6. Record your chakra

7. Genjutsu: (Trigger) All genjutsu must have a trigger in which the opponent will recognize the trigger to get it started. You cannot simply perform the hand signs for a genjutsu and expect it to work. However, god mod triggers will not be allowed. For instance, if the trigger to a genjutsu is simply looking at the caster, it will not be allowed. An acceptable genjutsu trigger is a specific action or a specifc location on the casters body. (Ex. The enemy must notice the caster perform a series of hand signs)
(Proof System)
Normally with techniques you are expected to post any tech used in a spoiler below the post itself. Given that Genjutsu are intrinsically secretive and often dependent on catching people unawares they lose a lot of their effect once revealed and risk being meta-gamed into uselessness. To avoid this Genjutsu’s are not required to be posted directly below posts, only have the hand seals (or other method of creation) and effects described within them. Instead of posting the Genjutsu they can PM a staff member, called a Genjutsu buddy in this scenario, with the Jutsu used and a link to the thread. Then it can’t be claimed at a later point that the user was god-modding and had never done the technique. It is not good enough to PM just anyone and should always be a staff member For example if a Genjutsu gave the illusion of a sand storm, then it is quite fine for the user to simply do hand signs and state a sandstorm appears from the west etc and not make mention that it is in truth a illusion brought upon by a active Genjutsu. However this must be done from the victim/targets point of view so if they have a Dojutsu such as a Byakugan that would see straight through it then they should be informed (by PM is fine) and user must always perform the necessary actions etc in the post the Genjutsu was initiated.

(Breaking the Genjutsu)
Pain while another useful way to break genjutsu is not as effective as Kai. It requires a significant amount to work and is only a defense against low level techniques. Pain can only ever be used to break techniques with a C rank difficulty or lower.

Kai is the act of placing your hand on the Gen caster, and flowing Chakra into them. If this is successfully done, the Jutsu will be broken. However, there is a cost. For example, if breaking an A rank Jutsu, the Chakra you expel is 50, and this IS deducted from your Chakra count.

There are certain dojutsu that can see through illusions or allow their users to use their own eyes as genjutsu focuses. Any dojutsu that allows the user to see the flow of chakra, which includes the Byakugan and the Sharingan, can directly see changes in its flow that are a clear sign that are gen is in effect. In such a way the can quite literally see the effects of genjutsu on themselves and others. There is a mistaken assumption by many that they can see through all genjutsu in role-play. While the can tell if others and their own bodies are affected in standard conditions by looking at them with their dojutsu active it does require that their eyes are passing sensory information to the mind to be unscrambled by it to make a picture in our brain. Any genjutsu that directly affects the minds perception, cutting off the information they are receiving from the eyes and replacing the sensory images received with new ones cannot be detected by them in this way.

In a short a dojutsu that can see chakra flow can:

Can see changes in chakra flow, in others and themselves (if looking at themselves) and thus realise a gen is in effect while they can see and the dojutsu is unaffected

Theses dojutsu can not:

Make the user immune to genjutsu
Allow the user to actually see through genjutsu. They simply see the affects a genjutsu has on other people where the genjutsu does not inhibit site or entirely change their perception
Work at all on any technique the blinds them or totally replaces what the see with an illusionary perception of the world. Thus they can not see past dream like or illusionary worlds by means of a genjutsu
Break an illusion without sacrificing the needed chakra/requirements to break it. Just because you can notice it, doesn't mean you can break it for free.
Break out of a genjutsu using OOC and claim that you have done so just because you can see chakra flow. If you do not notice it legitimately in RP you cannot break out of it.

8. When posting, understand you CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH PER POST. You cannot cross huge distances, or do anything that dictates taking a while to do inside of combat. You cannot use multiple Jutsu a post, the most being one Jutsu per post, one action, and a decent move. As mentioned, no huge distance. You can dodge, use a Jutsu, and then throw a Kunai. Move, Jutsu, Action.

9. Clones. Clones CAN use Jutsu, but that takes up your one Jutsu for the match. I know that seems a little much, but imagine. Shinobi A makes three clones, and they all spread out. Other person attacks with Kunai or something. Then, Clone 1 uses Fireball, Clone B throws a bunch of bladed wire, Clone C uses a Genjutsu, and then you use some S Jutsu. If we made it one Clone can use a Jutsu, then they'd use a Clone every damn post.

10. Jutsu costs:

S - 125+

A - 50

B - 25

C - 15

D - 10

E - 5

Continuous Chakra will be detailed as a fraction depending on the Jutsu. E will always be 2 per post. D will always be five per post. C will be five to ten per post. B will be from ten to fifteen per post. A will be from fifteen to twenty per post. S will be from twenty-five to fifty per post.
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Combat rules
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