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 Shaurn's Jutsus.

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PostSubject: Shaurn's Jutsus.   Shaurn's Jutsus. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 1:51 pm

Jutsu name: Shadow Stitching Jutsu.
Jutsu style: Non-chakara type based.
Effect: Multiple spike-like shadows come out of the ground and can either stab a target, or can be use to pick up and throw a kunai.
Example: I send many spike-like shadows to impaled the target.
Cost: 50

Jutsu name: Shadow Possession Jutsu
Jutsu style: Non-chakara type based.
Effect: A shadow streaches across the ground, connecting to the target's shadow, taking control of their body and forcing them to do exactly as I do.
Example: I use this jutsu on a foe, I raise my hand and take one step back, their forced to do the same. It takes an extreamly strong physical will for the target to break the connection by themself.

Jutsu name: Leaping Shadow Beast
Jutsu style: Non-chakara type based.
Effect: A creature of my choice takes form in the shadows, then strikes out of the ground.
Example: I'm spotted, and stealth tactics will no longer work, I unleash my final and most powerful attack. I create a beast out of shadow and it will attck the foe with full strength, though this jutsu does require a fairly large amount of chakara.

Jutsu name: Shadow Fist
Jutsu style: Non-chakara type based.
Effect: I punch the air and a shadow extends from my arm, creating a fist, punching the foe at a high speed.
Example: I throw a punch, but instead of making contact personaly, the shadow with be extended to deal a long ranged punch.
Cost: 50

Jutsu Name: Shadow Launch
Jutsu style: Earth Style
Effect: A Shadow from under me pushed upward extreamly fast, flinging me into the air.
Example: I'm cornered, can go forward, backward, under, left, or right. Well, what other way is there? I am flung into the air over an enemy or obstacle.
Cost: 25
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PostSubject: Re: Shaurn's Jutsus.   Shaurn's Jutsus. Icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 1:55 pm


Shaurn's Jutsus. RZlr3K9
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Shaurn's Jutsus.
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