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 Raisa Rihna

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Name:Raisa Rihna




Vinnie is a quiet kid raised by her mother she had an ambition to be a medical ninja and fought with her mom over it until her mother finally let her join the academy. Graduating in about two years Raisa held her mother tight and got a part time job at the hospital and trained day and night.


Raisa Rihna In_the_rain_by_hatakeshion-d8igm5l


She's a loud obnoxious and clumsy child.

Specialization Taijutsu

Minor: Ninjutsu

Wind Natures: Wind

Village of Allegiance: Sunagakure

Clan: Rihna
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Raisa Rihna RZlr3K9
"The Desert is at my whim, and with it all shall fall before me! I will protect my village against any foe I should come across!"
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Raisa Rihna
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