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 Watari vs. Kisio Saiken and jotaro sasaki

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PostSubject: Watari vs. Kisio Saiken and jotaro sasaki   Sat Jul 18, 2015 7:57 pm

Name: Saiken Clan
Name of Kekkai Genkai or Ability: This clan has the ability to manipluate blood (not inside a person, it would have to be infused with their chakra) to preform a unique array of jutsu. Saikens have also been trained to learn how to use water jutsu with blood as well as to be allowed to use their water jutsu with blood. Saiken clan members have the ability to exert chakra inside of their body outside of it and to convert it to blood. They're also able to safely extract blood from inside of their body through pores and holes.

Type: Hijutsu (Secret Bloodline Technique)

General Ninja Type: Ninjutsu

History: The Saiken clan is one with mysterious origins. Its secrets are only know by the clan elders. Its said that in Otogakure the kage was performing long years of experiements to create a new clan with the ability to bend blood. A Saiken was born but it didnt have the ability to completely bend blood, just manipluate it to an extent. The Otokage was furious and attempted to have the 1st Saiken killed off. However the Saiken was more powerful than the Kage expected and wiped out his assassins as well as fled the village to the "Village Hidden in the Blood Mist." He started a family and his trait passed thus the Saiken clan came into creation. Generations started to spread and the Saikens became one of the reknowned clans in Kirigakure. The Saiken Clan has lived in Kirigakure for several decades and helped earn the village its nickname, "The Village Hidden in the Bloody Mist." They were rivaled by another family who wanted full govermental power- the Hoshigaki clan.


Chikiri no Jutsu - (Blood Mist Technique)
Rank : C
Chakra : 250 (+50 CP for every extra 50m)
Description : This jutsu is similar to the hidden mist jutsu except with blood. This jutsu consumes the field taking up a 200m radius with the user in the middle. Perfect for assassiantions etc, since because blood is thicker the visiblility is near absolute zero.

Chiame no Jutsu - (Blood Rain Technique)
Rank : A
Chakra : 450, (+100 Cp for extra 5m)
Description : This jutsu doesn't require hand-seals, the only forewarning is that the clouds above turn red as the user sends chakra waves to the skies. This jutsu can be activated at anytime after its been stated that the clouds turned red. From that point It begins to rain blood the size of senbon that are adamant density usually tearing to shreads everything within a 50m radius of where the technique was activated. This technique affects the user as well.

Rank : C
Chakra : 100 CP
Description : This technique allows to the user manipulate their blood or any type of blood jutsu to form a weapon that is as dense as x2 steel.

Rubi Suishou Chi - (Ruby Crystal Blood)
Rank : A
Chakra : 400 CP
Description : This jutsu causes any blood the user touches to convert to a ruby-like strcuture. The structure turns into something like a defense and turns ruby-blood. The wall can take most types of blows, but only up to twice at most depending on the strength, directed at the user in place of itself but the wall is not living and they will be crushed and shattered back to blood if they're attacked by any taijutsu attacks utilizing "Hachimon."

Chi Bunshin
Rank : B
Chakra : 400 CP
Description : This jutsu can be used by any large source of blood besides that inside the body. The user can form a clone of the user and this clone has the abilities similar to a shadow clone. Since this clone is made by blood it can be transformed at anywhere on the body make the blood for other jutsu to be used and it can be strenghtned by the Rubi Suishou Chi jutsu. This clone since its made of blood when damaged can reform unless completely destroyed by C-rank or higher Doton-based techniques or a powerful, direct Raiton attack of B-rank +.

Chi Animaru
Rank : S
Chakra : 650 CP
Description : This jutsu summons an animal made from blood from a large source of blood. The animals body is as hard as diamond but is also semi-permitable allowing for somethings to get trapped inside of it or out of it. When inside the animal its similar to water prison jutsu except with blood. Similar to the Chi Bushin when damaged it can heal unless completely destroyed. These things can be created remotely if the blood used was infused with a Saiken's chakra or came from one of their techniques

Chi Bakuha
Rank : A
Chakra : 400 CP
Description : This jutsu is similar to Bushin Bakuha. Its used to self-destruct the Chi Bushin, Chibuki and Chi Animaru jutsu causing massive damage to the opponent. The explosion only damages opponents within 10 meters of the object exploded. When this jutsu is used on A Chi Bushin or Chi Animaru the blood when it self destructs spreads into the air and automaticall yspreads the area in a 100meter wide Chikiri no Jutsu.

Chi Summoning : Blood Animal Bond
Rank : S
Chakra : Tattoo absorbs, Up to 50 Cp.
Description : A tattoo of an animal of the users choice is drawn when this jutsu is learnt. Then the user feeds this tattoo 50 Cp every post and at any point the user can release this animal. The animal can only be up to 3/4 the size of Gamabunta but its chakra depends on how much chakra was abosbred from the user and smaller sizes. The beast since made of a huge amount of blood can reform itself unless completely destroyed by the same elemental effects as CHi Bunshin. This animal can perform blood techniques for 3/4 of the cost.

Chi Souran : Blood Control
Rank : C
Chakra : 250 CP
Description : This jutsu allows the user to have full control of all the blood in their body. This technique can come in handy if the user is bleeding for then they can stop themselves from losing blood. With this jutsu the user can also breathe in blood like how a fish would breathe in water. The user would breathe regularly but the blood will be filters and then evened out in the body while the oxygen in brought where its needed regularly for breathing.

Chi Koutetsu : Blood Armor
Rank : A
Chakra : 450 CP
Description : This jutsu causes a small amount of blood to come from the pours of the users skin and form a thin armor that is as tough as adamant. Though it dosen't have an absolute defense capacity, it would take a very powerful attack near the power of a technique such as "Raikiri" to penetrate and breach through it. Since the armor is so lightweight the user has no problem moving in it and the user can form the armor in some locations instead of the entire body for 100 CP.

Chi Enkai : Blood Ocean
Rank : S
Chakra : 700 CP
Description : This jutsu is similar to Baku Suishouha except its on a far larger scale. The user expels a larger amount of Blood from their gullet covering the entire area in an ocean of blood. A very weak and smallest amount of blood will be spotted within a three inch radius of the user's feet. With this blood techniques on a large scale can be used. Because of this, enemies including the user can drown in this massive pool of blood. So the Saiken must focus chakra on their feet to the red liquid in order to sustain on top of it. If they cannot reach the top as they're plunged in under seven seconds, they'll be drowned and be killed.

Chi Seisaku
Rank : S
Chakra : 400 CP
Description : This is a skill that all Saikens can train that allow their body to produce any amount of blood to replace the amount the body lost near instantly making sure the user doesnt have to much or little blood in their body at all times.

Chi Kirikae Shikyo : Blood Exchanged Death
Rank : S
Chakra : 700 CP, 50 Cp extra for maintenance.
Description : One of Saiken's clans strongest moves. For this technique to be successful a Saiken must find a way to insert much of their blood into their opponent's bodies or large amounts of their own chakra. Usually this technique is used in combination with Chishio Kiri or any other blood jutsu, if the opponent is in the Blood Mist for 5 turns the technique is complete by the blood mist secreting into the opponents body through their pores and mixing with the opponents blood, or if the user is in contact with the blood in 4 different jutsu (of hit by the same jutsu 4 times) then the previous affects apply. Once this is done by controlling their body a Saiken can control their opponents bodies and use any of their blood techniques with their opponents body. Chi Bakuda can be used at this point killing the opponent.

Chi Kousei : Blood Rebirth
Rank : A
Chakra : 500 CP
Description : A Saiken is covered in a crimson armor with a durability of x2 diamond. He gets a sword created from blood that is unbreakable. In this form a Saiken gains the ability to draw blood from whatever he hits either with his body or sword without actually cutting or causing harm to the opponent. Also whereever he touches it leaves a blood trail or taints the area greatly with blood, often making puddles of blood for techniques or if on water turning it into a blood ocean for larger scale techniques. This special blade has the ability to easily cut through steel and cannot be broken by anything diamond-structured and weaker.

Chi Summoning : Bloody Mary
Rank : S
Chakra : 900 CP, 100 CP maintenance
Description : Known to be one of the strongest techniques among the Saiken clan. This technique can work in two ways, a ninjutsu form and a genjutsu form.

Ninjutsu : The user slams his hands down and a red fog appears around the area. The fog then soon disappears and a ghastly figure emerges with solidified crystalized blood for hair, bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth, and ruby eyes. A red mist also forms around anything sighted by the user to confuse multiple enemies. Mary then releases a wail that rapidly causes opponents to bleed from the eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. After 5 turns this will causes the opponent to die from massive lost of blood. A Saiken for the most part is immune to this ability, they are only slightly affected by Mary's screech causing them to cough up blood and to bleed small amounts from their throat. Mary is unaffected by any genjutsu or taijutsu. Heat however can destroy her and water can cause her to melt for 2 turns and then she regains her form.

Genjutsu : An illusion who can match the strength of Ephemeral. The genjutsu is specifically made as a confusion. Multiple Marys shall appear and then they'll start screeching at the opponent. The screeching can prevent the victim from concentrating on the rapid blood loss or to make them hard to move.

Chi Soushi
Rank: C
Chakra: 250 CP
Description: Chi Soushi is a special bloodline technique utilized by Saiken clan members. The most basic Saiken ability, clan members are able to form blood from nowhere just by using chakra. This is useful in areas with no blood or water in it and the user dosen't have to use the blood inside of their own body.

Name of Technique: Great Water Wall Tornado
Clan or Non-Clan: Non-Clan
Element: Water
Rank: A
Description: Great Water Wall Tornado- This is an advanced version of the regular Water Water technique only usable by the wielders of the Demon Shark Curse Seal. The user collects large amounts of water inside his collect or outside of him. The user than spreads the water and a large rotating tornado-like wall will appear. this wall is powerful to repell any metal objects and taijutsu techniques as well as ninjutsu that is weaker than itself. Furtheremore, anything that gets touches this tornado will be wrapped and rotated as well and be spinned more than twenty feet in the air and crashed down to the ground.
Drawbacks: It cannot affect any kind of Doton-based technique.

Name: Multiple Water Dragon Projectile
Clan or Non-Clan: Non-Clan
Element: Water
Rank: A
Description: Suiton: Tajuu Suiryudan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water element. The user is able to form multiple water dragons from water and conjour them to strike multiple enemies at the same time. It'll be very difficult as the water dragons can appear and attack from multiple directions and it'd be difficult to avoid all of them. The amount of handseals is shortened to twenty-one handsigns.
Drawbacks: Such technique requires excellent chakra control and amounts as to controlling where the dragon would be heading. Also, the user is only able to conjour up to four water dragons at a time.


Gushing Water Collision Waves- An enhancement of Bursting Water Collision Waves in the second stage of the Fukama Juin.This technique allows the user to expel a massive amount of light water from their mouth which can become saltwater. Having the same effects of Bursting Water Collision waves, the user can safely hide form sight underwater and is able to tumble upon nearby enemies who cn be drowned.

Five Shark Destruction- An enhancement of Five Sharks Eating during Fukuma Juin's 2nd stage. The sharks will become more like water spirits and develop extra fins on the bottom, extra spikes around the body, and a curved horn on the head. These five sharks grow more stronger when underwater.

Liquid Water Blast- An enhancement of Violent Water Wave. The user sprays a powerful jet of water at an enemy which can repel anything with the same amount of force in them. Only usable by the first stage of the Fukuma Juin or higher.
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PostSubject: Re: Watari vs. Kisio Saiken and jotaro sasaki   Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:10 pm

Watari rushed towards the borders of the Wind Country as he was sent as the ANBU Captain to take care of two formidable men - Kisio Saiken of Kirigakure and Jotaro Sasaki of Amegakure. Kisio was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist who wielded the Samehada and could manipulate blood. Jotaro was a master of the Jiton kekkei genkai. Watari will show these goons those who mess with the God of Death on Sunagakure soil.

Kisio saw Sunagakure's "Shinigami" approaching him. Forming several handseals, he unveiled one of his deadliest Blood Release techniques. "Chi Summoning : Bloody Mary " he executed. A red mist engulfed the entire desert, which made Watari unable to see the two men. Then, he noticed an ugly female with a deformed face and blood pouring from her eyes. She looked like a period on steroids. She opened her mouth and a massive soundwave erupted. However, a second later, she was sliced neatly in half. "No wailing you tramp!" Watari taunted. The red mist stepped aside, and Kisio was surprised that Watari had handled a Saiken technique of that level. Watari simply looked at them with glaring, unchanging eyes. Kisio formed another set of seals. Watari said to him, "Trash like yourself will be disposed of immediately". Kisio finished and out came a massive wave of blood from his mouth. Watari simply hmped and jumped over it with incredible agility. Chakra flowed through his boosts and he surfed right through the pool of blood - its metallic aroma getting into his nose. Exercising great reflexes and speed, Watari was able to close the distance between him and Kisio with Shunshin-enhanced velocity. Surprised at Watari's nimbleness, Kisio swung his Samehada at him but Watari simply dodged it with great evasive skill. It had been too late for the swordsman. Watari's wires sprung from his Hand of Shinigami and ensnared him in a trap, binding him fully. "Slice of Death: Final Part" Now that the Kiri ninja was bound, Watari simply pulled his hands away from each other out. In one violent display, Kisio's body was ripped into dozens of pieces.

Jotaro summoned sevearl shurikens, and infused Jiton chakra into them. Although he had seen Watari's dominance over Kisio, he still thought that he could perform better. He threw these shurikens at Watari. Watari erected a dome around himself from his killer wires - the "Subjugate" technique. With great technique, he shielded himself with wire barriers from the shurikens. However, Watari suddenly felt as if his wires were loosening, and he was losing control of them. The magnetic chakra had sunk inside his wires, saturating them with Jotaro's foreign filth. Jotaro directed the wires at Watari, but he countered by simply disconnecting them from his fingerless gloves, making them useless. "Dance of the Shinigami". He fired wires with precision at Jotaro, who was forced to erect a barrier of giant shurikens to block them. However, the shurikens were easily sliced through while Jotaro had the chance to retreat. "Glister Dragon Projectile" He arranged all of his wires into one large dragon-like mass, making it difficult for Jotaro to use his magnetic chakra to manipulate the wires against him. With a great lunge, Watari threw the dragon at Jotaro, who was completely defenseless. The dragon simply slipped right through him like a hot knife through butter, slicing him into dozens of small pieces. Watari smiled as the blood of his two fallen foes stained his Shinigami strings. He had done good in taking out the trash.
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Watari vs. Kisio Saiken and jotaro sasaki
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