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1. Bijuu: As for now, no one can have a Bijuu, however they do exist and will pop up and crush a village or two. Story events, or bonus events. Eventually, Jinchuuriki will be manifested.

2. S Jutsu: S jutsu must always be posted in Jutsu Creation regardless of whether we know they're an S Jutsu to have their Chakra amount determined. S Jutsu will be graded from 125 Chakra to 220 Chakra. Academy Students can learn one S Jutsu, Genin have two, Chunin have three, Jounin have four, ANBU have five, Sannin have as many as they would like.

3. Byakugan: In order to use the special Gentle Fist, you MUST have Byakugan. If you have Byakugan, it takes up your Kekkei Genkai slot, regardless of if it's transplanted. Regular Gentle Fist (As detailed in the Branches), does not require Byakugan. When activated, Byakugan costs 10 Chakra per post and can be de-activated at any time, yet must wait three posts to re-activate.

4. Clones: Clones all require a minimum of 10 Chakra per clone, and can be created with up to fifty Chakra per Clone to be able to use one Jutsu. Clones also lack the user's full ability.
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