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 Mangetsus Jutsu

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PostSubject: Mangetsus Jutsu   Mangetsus Jutsu Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 5:00 am

Jutsu name: Hidden mist

Jutsu style: Water style

Effect: Creates Tons of Mist's and fogs obscuring the opponents vision and ability to trap user in a genjutsu. To get out of mist use jutsu to blow away the mist.

Example: Mangetsu uses Hidden mist jutsu on Npc. NPC had no idea where he is going and Mangetsu strikes from behind with a kunai and kills NPC . The End

Jutsu name: Demonic Illusion False surroundings technique

Jutsu style: Wind

Effect: Causes the Opponent to believe that there is a change of a object or even a room! Effect only lasts for 10 min or in our case 3 or 4 posts. ( To get out you must admit a lie you have kept hidden don't matter the secret but you must realize it and not just do it)

Example: Mangetsu Uses this techinique on a villager that is putting up wine bottles in his car. However by the time he puts all the wine in and drives to his village he discovers that the wine is just a bunch of rocks. while Mangetsu is at home drinking the wine.
another example- Uses technique to make room look different when Inspecter comes to see if rooms are cleaned up and gives mangetsu a A+ for cleanliness'. When leaving room room turns back to normal.

Jutsu name: Hidden mist jutsu sly mind technique

Jutsu style: Water

Effect: Makes opponent believe they are getting closer to a destination when they are really just walking in circles. ( To get out of it you must splash cold water on your face)

Example: Mangetsu is on a mission to stop the hidden rock villages messenger from getting to destination to deliver INFO. When the 2 clash Mangetsu set's up genjutsu prior to clashing so as soon as Messenger looks into his eyes he will believe he is steps away from the messenger area when acteuly he is walking towards his death. toward Mangetsu.

Jutsu name: Water clone jutsu

Jutsu style: Water

Effect: Users creates Multiple clones made of water. Also if cut or punched it can regenerate. Regeneration for each clone takes about 2 or 3 posts.

Example: Mangetsu uses clone and traps Noobie messenger and the messenger punches clone. However hand gos right through and traps hand in body or where ever he punched while the water spreads until it consumes the body and kills the victim by drowning
(To get out you have to realease a excessive amount of chakra so water can't contain you)
Jutsu name: Flowing breath

Jutsu style: Wind

Effect: User surronds self in large Quantitys of wind and speed increases x4 but strength decreses x4 as well. The wind also provideds a barrier for user so they don't get hurt. (can be used as a defensive munover or attacking)

Example: Mangetsu has to cut down a tree but he is to slow and not power full enough to do it in one blow. Uses technique and envelopes body in wind and strikes the tree at blinding speeds. (About as fast as the 3rd or 4th gate of opening that Guy and Lee use) This technique though leaves Mangetsus body a bit hurt and legs become shaky for a good 10 min or so depending on how long he used it.

Jutsu name: Water WInd Bullet Jutsu

Jutsu style: water/combination of Wind

Effect: User envelops drops of water on finger tips and then envelops them in wind chakara to give it a even faster rate going as fast as a sniper rifle when used correctly. Can be very dangerous if shot at person in a near distance. If it hits body or arm it will only leave a hole there without any splash damage. perfect o if shot at a tree.

Example: Mangetsu trys to take out messenger of the hidden leaf village but if to far to catch up so he uses this technique. Aims far from a distance from 30 meters and gets a perfect shot in the leg and messenger falls to the florr while mangetsu finishes him of shotting him in the head leaving a perfect hole through his skull o.
Bullet can only penetrate through 30 meters of pretty much anything except for rocks or diamonds only 5 meters for them. so get you defenses ready @<@.

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PostSubject: Re: Mangetsus Jutsu   Mangetsus Jutsu Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 10:05 pm

Grading My own Jutsu chakra lol

1- 25 chakra
2- 100 chakra
3- 150 chakra
4- 10 chakra for each clone
5- 100 chakra
6- 20 chakra for each bullet.
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Mangetsus Jutsu
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