Hi there! I am the current administrator of this website (Kazekage)Gaara , and I would like to say welcome to our Naruto Role Playing Website!

If you aren't a member then please sign up, and if you will please have an idea of what your roleplaying chatacter will be like and what the person's name will be so that you may set that as your profile name!

If you are a returning user please log in, and if you do not remember your password please contact me through email @ fireemblemmaster88@gmail.com!

Thank You for choosing us for your Role Playing needs! Hope you enjoy our site!

Sincerely ~ (Kazekage)Gaara

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 Role play rules

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PostSubject: Role play rules   Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:15 am

1. Each post must give enough detail to allow the other participants to take correct action

2. Follow the character creation guidelines or your character will be stapled as "Incomplete"

3. No continuous use of caps, even if a character is loud, manage to limit it.

4. If it is your turn to post and it has been more than 3 days, an admin will take any action they see fit unless a good reason is given by the third day. Otherwise, the topic will be put into Lock until continued. If a topic stays Locked for two more days, the RP will be allowed to continue without you.

5. Keep the OOC to a minimum unless describing

6. No Meta-Gaming.

7. Be respectful to the choices and actions made by peers and Admins/Mods

8. If a topic has no tag, it means two+ people have already agreed to the topic. If there's an (OPEN) tag, it means it's... Open. Join. If there is a (Closed) tag, it means it's closed and no longer taking people. If there's an (Invite Only) tag, it means you have to be invited via PM and ONLY via PM to enter. No begging to join an (Invite Only) topic.
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Role play rules
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